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Moving isn’t stressful, it’s rather exciting! It should never be stressful in anyways whatsoever! There are a few times in life when you make a move. It does come as an unwelcomed expense, junk mail, unwanted calls, bills, etc. We can get rid of all that for you! Now, you can pay to a service that will make moving a joy. Moving is more than the boxes, so allow us to assist you. We will do it with complete pleasure because we do this, every day and we’re quick, well-organized and pocket-friendly.

Still wondering how to relish moving? Our all-inclusive moving service will be your joy of moving, know how:

  1. Secure and Speedy Address Change with the USPS
  2. Moving Checklist
  3. Change of Address Ebook
  4. Notification letters of Change of Address to send to companies
  5. FTailored Return Address Tagged with Your Current Address Not just this, but with us you also get a:
    1. A Free Dining Dollars Gift Card worth $25
    2. An instant Online Savings Coupon of $500
    3. 24x7 Customer Support

Moving couldn’t be more better than this, when you move and get such awesome coupons and gift cards. With us moving is a pleasure! Want to know more about our service? Contact us.



Does Changing your Address sounds a hectic work? Tell us and we will make it stress-free, it can be done online! With the USPS the process is easy like never! To begin the Change of Address (COA) request, go to the USPS website and fill out the Change of Address Form. The processing will start quickly.
Follow these steps:

  1. Specify the type of move you are making, permanent or temporary (under 12 months).
  2. Your full name and the names of your family members if they are moving for you. You need to fill a single form if you all have same last name; a separate form has to be filled for each member with different last name.
  3. You need a debit or credit card for making payment charged for changing or updating your address. This fee that you pay is to process and verify your address. You can choose to avoid this verification fee, in that case you have to visit your local post office to fill out the COA, which will be a time-taking process.

Some more ways to change your address:

Fill out the Change of Address form in person by visiting your nearest post office. Request a 3575 form, fill out and submit. This process comes with no service fee, but takes your time.


Request a 3575 form your local post office by making a phone call. The form will be mailed to you. To raise a request, you can contact USPS at 1-800-275-8777. Changing your address over phone call makes you pay a verification fee, unlike the above no fee process. But this save your travel time.



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